#MMW3 -At the end of the day, we support Beijing’s ruling Hong Kong because we are all Chinese

A week after Beijing’s decision has been made to bar two pro-independence legislators from taking office because of intentionally misreading their oaths, Hong Kong is still in the centre of attention.

Thousands of activists and lawmakers  marched to point out that the intervention has undermined Hong Kong’s rule of law.

Different day. Different protest. This time against independence. A large pro-Beijing rally took place on Sunday, as people fear the potential consequences the city might confront with in terms of freedom. The organisers estimated around 40,000 people attended the rally, but police said the real number was 28,500 participants. Anyhow, according to a report by the South China Morning PostSunday’s demonstration was the largest pro-Beijing demonstration in recent years.

In the UK, publications such as Daily Mail wrote their first article on this topic, compressing all the information short and clear, but superficially. BBC News and Time had a general approach relating people’s furious reactions towards the idea of independence, whereas The Guardian focused on a politician view who calls pro-independence activists ‘cancer cells‘.

Hong Kong Free Press brings a controversial point to the discussion by publishing an article  in which protesters claim they were paid to attend the rally. South China Morning Post  is more concerned about ‘the dangerous path‘ that Hong Kong might take from now on.

The story is far from ending. Even though for now, it might seem everything is said and done, Beijing doesn’t give up so easily. I’m afraid neither Hong Kong.



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