(Not so) Critical evaluation for radio classes

I entered for the first time in NR 1 six weeks ago without expectations, but with a relentless curiosity towards a proper introduction to the world of radio.

I took care to create the perfect impression since the very beginning by being recognised as the girl who doesn’t like La La Land. Oh. And the girl who laughs too loud at the lecturer’s jokes – someone had to do it!

‘Press twice on the zoom recorder if you intend to record’ and ‘ I really don’t care about your opinion’ could sum up pretty much the learning path across these six weeks. Incontestable precious pieces of advice.  Plus several attempts of working in a dubious programme called Adobe Audition, the chance to record my fabulous voice in the studio and taking a selfie as proof, of course. On top of that, Serial podcast became my Bible.

‘You can’t say to your friends – hey, guys, let’s meet tonight at my house and listen together to the radio. Radio is made to listen to on your own’  

After these wise words coming from Mr Spencer, I discovered how ‘intimate’ radio actually is. From the primary stage of collecting information up to the point where you are about to be ‘on air’.  You need to have the courage to make your voice heard – doesn’t sound very impressive, but when you constantly think your voice sounds like a balloon with helium….

I know this is not an ode dedicated to how much I have achieved by letting everything behind, moving to London in order to study at one of the best universities in my field, yet I am glad I have the chance every day to repeat to myself that in the end, it will worth it. It would be a bit pathetic to say that these six weeks changed me. Obviously, they didn’t. Instead, they inspired me. I find it quite difficult to admit- partially because of my stubbornness – that I might have changed my mind. I might take a chance on this radio thingie. Truth to be told, it would be a pity not to.


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